Watch a promo video on the Blue Cows of Latvia.

Traditionally Blue Cows were grown by Livs, an indigenous
ethnic group of Latvia. Livs lived along the Baltic sea
in the Latvian regions of Vidzeme and Kurzeme.

An old legend says that Blue Cows used to live in the sea
and would come out briefly before the sunrise to graze on the seaside grass.
Then, once upon a time, The Mother of the Sea (Juras Mate) gave some
of them as gifts, to families of Liv fishermen who had died in a storm.

Blue Cows nearly became extinct during the Soviet period,
Less than 100 of them survived.

In 1990s Latvia together with UN Food and Agriculture Organization
started an effort to preserve The Blue Cows.

So, YES its true... you can actually see Blue Cows
in the Kurzeme Region of Western Latvia TODAY!

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